The 5 Best Gun Vises

A good gun vise is such a game-changer when it comes to gun cleaning. I love to use my gun vise for cleaning my AR-15s and other long rifles. Gun vises are also helpful when mounting scopes and keeping your rifle still as you’re setting up the scope.

best gun vise

In most cases, for a small investment, you’ll have a useful tool in your arsenal that is going to make life that much easier.

Our experts set out on a mission to find the best gun vise on the market today and we’ve delivered with our top 5 favorite gun vises in this post.

See which of the best gun vises made our cut below:

MTM GV-30 Gun Vise Cleaning Maintenance Center

When you are looking for a gun vise that specializes in being a cleaning and maintenance station, the GV-30 stands out in several respects. The quick-cam on the back is activated using a single cam drive, and cushioned so that it won’t mar the finish on your stock.

The base sits on four skid resistant rubber feet, and will stand on it’s own or can be bolted down for added rigidness. Trays and cutouts make room for all of your cleaning and gunsmithing needs. The whole setup is made in the USA, and constructed from durable plastics that will never rust and shouldn’t corrode, but they will scratch up over time if sharp steel is dragged across them.

Hyskore Cleaning & Sighting Vise

If you want a solid cleaning setup, then you may want to take a close look at the Hyskore Cleaning & Sighting Vise. Heavy duty, the construction is welded tubular steel. It’s heavy enough for the most demanding gunsmithing applications.

The four point leveling system will make sure that you are upright on any surface, even if you like working in the grass. Straps and clamps keep you secure without scratching up your gun. It should be noted that at first glance, this might appear to be functional as a shooting rest. It isn’t. It’s not designed for that application and it clearly states warnings about doing so in the instructions.

Gun Butler Gun Vise

A simple and low-cost solution to your normal maintenance and cleaning needs, the gun butler is simple and cheap, though the construction is sturdy enough that it can be used for years and years without worry.

Sometimes simpler is simply better. The rest forks are lined so they won’t mess up your rifle finish, and the setup is full of molded compartments for organization of your cleaning kit components.

Can be used as a gunsmithing vice for simple applications, but if you will be doing any hammering, then you may want something a bit more sturdy.

Gunslick Match-Grade Gun Maintenance Center

A ten pound vice, set up as a permanent installation, but transportable if you don’t have a dedicated work area. The cam-lock vise is built in, the surface is covered is cubbies and compartments for all of your tools and supplies.

Those that aren’t stored in the large front trays. At first glance, this looks like a heavy gunsmithing vice, but it really isn’t. Wonderful for cleaning once you familiarize yourself with the setup, but you won’t be torquing barrel nuts on it. It is, however a very nice setup for cleaning your rifles after you return from the field or the shooting range.

This one is one of our favorite gun vises for the money.

Plano Shooters Case w/ Gun Vise

Convenient to carry, easy to set up, this field case gives you the ability to clean up your rifles while you’re in the brush, if you don’t mind toting the extra bulk. The setup also works well around the house to store all of your cleaning supplies in one spot. When it’s time to clean up the rifles, just yank it out of storage and open it up.

In seconds you can have all your supplies out and ready, while the carrying case becomes a gun vice with staggered yokes to hold your rifle securely while you scrape carbon build-up from the barrel and receiver. An awesome gun vise for the money.