The Best Rechargeable Flashlights

I’ve never been a fan of rechargeable flashlights until recently. I really hated some of the first ones that came out in the 90’s where you’d plug them into the wall. As in, the entire flashlight gets plugged into the wall. Then the dang thing would last about 4 charges before never turning on again.

A lot of the newest rechargeable flashlights out now are reliable, dependable and they can even be used as tactical flashlights.

best rechargeable flashlight

In this post about the best rechargeable flashlights, we had our experts take a hard look at some of these and review them.

So with that said, here’s our list of the best rechargeable flashlights below:

DAX Tactical LED Rechargeable Flashlight Kit

This flashlight kit comes with everything you need, even a AAA battery container in case you don’t want to fiddle with the normal 18650 rechargeable batteries, perhaps if you find yourself low on charge and in the woods, but have access to AAAs.

The light comes with a zoomable lens, a o-ring reinforced cover lens to keep water off the electronics, and a super-bright 1200 lumen lamp. The light is aluminum construction and has 5 usage modes. The kit comes with 2 18650 batteries, dual cordless battery charger, and the AAA converter.

The rigid head is designed for breaking glass, and the tube is coated in anti-abrasive to reduce scratches. It’s also shock-proof and water resistant. It even comes with a gift box and a mini 700 lumen backup flashlight. Two flashlights, two batteries,¬†too good to pass up without at least taking a look.

LE Rechargeable 1000lm LED Flashlight

A powerful, pocket-sized flashlight for those on a budget. For the price, I wouldn’t expect the light to perform as well as it does. The lens is zoomable, and the kit comes with a battery, AAA adapter, and charger. The lamp claims 1000 lumens at full brightness with 5 available modes. The case is water-proof and skid-proof, designed to IPX4 standards.

Getting something this good at this price¬†means that a corner was cut somewhere. The charger isn’t the best design, but many people are keeping lithium chargers around the house lately, so for many, that won’t even be an issue, as it will be used as a backup.

Even though it runs off AAA batteries with the supplied converter, don’t expect it to last forever. The converter is basically included as a backup for when you cannot charge your 18650, or while shopping for a new one when it wears out.

Still, this is a great torch on a budget. I’m glad that LE skimped on the charger, battery, and converter, as they held the light itself to a high standard. There’s nothing worse than a flashlight failing on you. Everything else can be upgraded.

CVLIFE 800 Lumens CREE XM-L T6 LED Adjustable Focus Rechargeable Flashlight

It’s really great that torches are becoming common enough that you can squeeze some quality out of even the cheaper models. The waterproof case that comes as part of this kit is a nice addition to help you justify any perceived pricing issues. Heck, you could retrofit the box with more items and turn it into a survival kit with a focus on the torch.

For typical use, it is designed to hold all the pieces of kit, such as the included 18650 battery and charger. The lamp is rated 800 lumens, producing plenty of light for anything you could need. The LED design is a long lasting CREE T6. The case is waterproof graded as IPX6. The included battery comes with over-charge protection built right into the design. Bottom line: it’s a great flashlight for a great price right now.

EcoGear FX Tactical LED Flashlight

Super bright, super tough, and comes with a full kit, including two batteries (so you can keep a backup in your pocket while using the other one), extra o-rings, charger and 1200 lumen light with 5 modes and zoom functionality. Water-resistant, hard anodized, anti-abrasive, and shock-proof.

The perfect little lamp to help you see the light in dark places, or as a defensive tool. Bright enough to stun an attacker, and a profile that will allow it to double as a weapon light. Such a simple design that does exactly what you expect it to, when you expect it to. This one is a keeper if you’re looking for a good rechargeable flashlight.