The Best Shooting Glasses

Having good eye protection while shooting not only protects your eyes from searing hot shell casings flying out of your gun, but some shooting glasses can even help you improve your accuracy.

In this post, we take a look at several of what we consider the best pairs of shooting glasses on the market today and explain our findings for each one.

best shooting glasses

If you haven’t thought about buying a good set of shooting glasses before, maybe we can set you straight in this post! Let’s get started below.

Radians Revelation Protective Shooting Glasses

Looking sharp is one thing. Seeing sharp is another. Radians does a great job of combining both features in this pair of glasses. The yellow tint allows for high contrast viewing, while allowing plenty of light through to see by.

People have complained about a lack of scratch resistance, but let’s face facts, polycarbonate lenses are going to scratch easier than glass. It would be nice if they included a bag or box to protect them, but for the price this is a good set of eye-pro that should last you a long time.

Howard Leight by Honeywell Genesis Sharp-Shooter Safety Eyewear

Not everyone likes tinted lenses, but we all need eye protection at the shooting range. If you like a clear view, take a look at these. They come with a special coating to prevent fogging on those brisk mornings at the range while sighting in your deer rifle. If you do like a little color, there’s a nice selection of three different shades for different shooters. These glasses also pass the military V0 ballistic requirement. As an added bonus, the soft nose pieces are adjustable.

As usual, storage bag sold separately. But this is one area that a lot of manufactures could improve on. There’s been talk about them collecting dust easily, maybe because of the coatings, so you might want to get a cloth to wipe them down with, just in case.

We’re fans of Howard Leight gun stuff like their hearing protection we wrote about in this article.

Beretta Shooting Glasses with Policarbonate Injected Lens

Beretta brings you these wonderful glasses that come in a wide variety of lens choices, sure to please any shooting enthusiast. One immediate thing to note is that each color comes at a different price point, which sounds a bit odd. I’m sure there’s a reason for it, but it seems odd that the same model would have vastly different prices for different colors. The good news is that the common shooting colors—clear, smoke, and yellow—are available at the lowest price points.

Solidly built shooting glasses for the range, but if you want one of the fancier color choices, you will have to pay a little extra for it. A soft bag is included with the eye-pro, and they look sharp enough that you could wear them all the time without feeling out of place.

See the latest price on these at Amazon.

Mossy Oak Arcola Shooting Glasses

When I hear Mossy Oak, I immediately assume that the glasses are going to be covered in a camo paint job. These are actually pretty plain looking shooting glasses that won’t attract a lot of attention, with a price point to match. They come with either clear or yellow tinted lenses, the most common shooting glass colors. Beside protecting your eyes, they offer UV protection and the yellow tint increases contrast.

They don’t come with any kind of special protection when they aren’t on your face, so you will have to keep them stored carefully to avoid scratches. This is a clean, basic pair of glasses at an affordable price. You might consider grabbing a few of them for different purposes.

Allen Company Over-Prescription Shooting Glasses

If you wear glasses to improve your vision, then you might want some extra protection at the range to keep hot brass from bouncing off of your regular prescription lenses. These shooting glasses from Allen Company give you that protection, and they will keep your glasses safe, as well as your eyes.

Oversize temple sections will ensure that these shooting shades won’t squeeze the arms of your regular glasses against your face. Even if you don’t wear normal glasses. These specs are an excellent choice if you want extra coverage and glasses that will fit comfortably under ear-muffs.

This is a great set of shooting glasses for the money.