The Best Tactical Backpacks

Having a great tactical backpack is about more than it looking cool. It’s about functionality and it’s ability to keep your stuff dry and secure while you’re carrying it around.

We took a look at several factors while making this guide, including comfort, security, build quality and durability.

the best tactical backpack for your money

Our experts did the research for you and reviewed the best tactical backpacks on the market in this post. Let’s get started!

SOG Ninja Tactical Daypack

When it comes to outdoor apparel, SOG might not be the first name to come to mind, but this handy daypack is sturdy enough to meet your needs, while the molle webbing provides the flexibility you need to make the most of the bag should you require extra pocket room.

This humble bag has portable dimensions of 3.5 x 13 x 18 inches, making it backpack size. The shoulder straps are adjustable and include a sternum slider. The back is padded mesh to keep you comfortable even if the supplies inside aren’t so much.

It comes with multiple pockets, as well as a side pouch for your water bottle and extra webbing on the opposite side. Using molle pockets will expand the functionality to a three-day hiking pack. It also comes with a water bladder pocket which can come in very handy.

For the money, it’s a great tactical backpack that will stand up to almost anything you throw at it.

Military Tactical Backpack

Waist belt and sternum strap come standard. This bag is big, measuring 13 x 20 x 11 inches. The high density 600D fabric is waterproof and weather proof. Hydration bladder pocket is included, so you can add that if you wish. 40L of space provide everything you need for a 3 day outing, and if you like to carry extras, it’s covered in molle webbing.

There’s plenty of pocket room inside, and a compartment for just about anything. Heavy zippers are fitted with cord pulls and the bag is fitted with top and side compression straps.

For less than $50, his tactical backpack from Reebow Tactical is a good value.

Explorer Tactical Gun Concealment Backpack

Hydration ready, and contains two concealment holsters for your side-arm, one for each hand. I guess that’s Explorer’s way of making it ambidextrous.

This bag is available in several colors, and comes with molle webbing all over, so there are plenty of places to stick on extra pouches. There are also plenty of little side pockets for storing those smaller essentials, like med-kit, and any one of them would make a good home for a gun cleaning kit or survival kit.

The dimensions are 12 x12 x 14 inches. This bag also comes with a lifetime warranty. A little bit more pricy than some of the other tactical backpacks on this list, but you’re getting a lot of backpack for your money.

NPUSA Men’s Large Expandable Tactical Molle Hydration Ready Backpack Daypack

This bag from NPUSA is constructed from 600D high density polyester, and it’s as rugged as they come. Available in multiple color combinations, it comes with chest strap and waist strap. The sides are pretty clean, containing no molle webbing, but four zippered pouches for easy access to smaller pieces of kit.

The pouches attached to the rear part of the main sack are slightly over-sized and covered in webbing to extend their usefulness. The main compartment is technically expandable, but if you plan on crushing it to a smaller size, keep in mind that you will be crushing the side pockets with it, so the feature seems a little mute.

It does come with a handhold on each side and another on the top, you you have the ability to carry this tactical backpackĀ a number of different ways. This one is a great value for your money.

Monkey Paks Tactical Backpack Bundle

This bag has a pocket and comes with a 2.5L hydration bladder, so there’s no worry about buying one separately and hoping that it will fit.

Instead of sewing the external pockets on, Monkey Paks attaches molle bags, so you can move your pocket space around as needed. Webbing everywhere allows you to stack up on pieces of kit.

The bag material is 600d nylon and the zippers come with large teeth and paracord tabs, so they aren’t jingling as you hike it. The largest of the pouches doubles as a fanny-pack or shoulder bag. Great construction, very roomy, and very organized. Oh and it’s a steal right now on Amazon.